28 Oct 2010

Cry, cry

I know some of you love this song...
Now, it's time to listen... and sing!

20 Oct 2010


On the 31st of October it's Halloween! Don't be scared!

and have fun!


Trick or treat,
trick or treat.
I want something good to eat.
Trick or treat,
trick or treat.
Give me something nice and sweet.
Give me candy and an apple, too.
And I won't play a trick on you!


Listen to this song... Do you think it's sad? Really? Do you like it?

17 Oct 2010

TANZANIA (5th level)

We want to know more about Tanzania. Let's find out about this country:
continent, map, flag, capital city, population, area, languages,animals, lakes, mountains/vulcanoes and other facts you want. Add photos, please!
Here you are some links to get the information:
general information


more about Tanzania

the wildlife park


more information

other information

13 Oct 2010

It's my life!

Here you have another song. this one is by Bon Jovi. Do you like it?

6 Oct 2010

9 to 5

This is the song that Kayla, our English language assistant, has shown us. Thanks, Kayla!

4 Oct 2010